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As the use of electric vehicles becomes widespread, it has become inevitable for car dealerships to turn to electric vehicle sales. In this process, providing electric vehicle charging station service is an important element that increases the competitiveness of car dealerships .

Ecobox offers you one of the most important services of the future. As electric vehicles increase day by day, it has become important to have electric charging stations in many areas. At this point, Ecobox enables companies that provide car dealership services to offer charging station services to their customers.

Benefits of Electric Charging Station Service for Car Dealerships

There are some benefits to providing electric charging station services for car dealerships . It allows charging of electric vehicles offered for sale.  In this way, customers who want to buy an electric vehicle can test drive their vehicles and meet their charging needs before purchasing them.

It increases customer satisfaction after sales.  When customers who own electric vehicles visit the showroom to charge their vehicles, galleries that offer charging station service increase customer satisfaction.

It increases the competitiveness of galleries.  As electric vehicle sales increase, competition among showrooms also increases. In this process, galleries that offer electric charging station services can get ahead of the competition by offering more value to customers.

Electric Charging Station Installation in Auto Showrooms

To install electric charging stations in car dealerships, the necessary permits must first be obtained. These permits are obtained from local governments. After obtaining permissions, a charging station can be established in a suitable area. Ecobox provides you with many benefits during the installation phase.

There are some points to consider when installing a charging station. It is often wondered what these are. We can list the points that need to be taken into consideration as follows:

  • The installation location of the charging station should be an area where electric vehicles can be easily charged.

  • The power of the charging station should be determined according to the size of the area to be installed.

  • The charging station cables must be located securely.

Electric Charging Station Service Pricing in Auto Showrooms

Pricing of electric charging station service in car dealerships varies depending on the power of the charging station, installation location and services offered. In general, fast charging stations are priced higher than slow charging stations.

As the use of electric vehicles becomes more widespread, it becomes important for auto galleries to offer electric charging station services. This service helps car dealerships increase their sales and increase their competitiveness.

Ecobox provides many benefits to its customers. Auto gallery businesses that want to receive service about electrical charging stations or get information about these services can contact our company at this point and get detailed information and service.

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