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As the use of electric vehicles becomes more widespread, the number of electric vehicle charging stations is also increasing. Electric vehicle drivers want to charge their vehicles where they park, and parking lots are ideal points for charging.

Providing electric charging station services in car parks has many advantages for both electric vehicle drivers and car park operators. We can list the advantages for electric vehicle drivers as follows;

  • Possibility to charge electric vehicles at the points where they are parked

  • Ability to use charging times efficiently

  • Facilitating and encouraging the use of electric vehicles

We said that there are also some advantages for car park operators. It is possible to list these advantages as follows;

  • Attracting electric vehicle drivers and increasing parking occupancy

  • Generating income with electric vehicle charging service

  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Electric Charging Station Installation in Parking Lots

In order to install an electric charging station in parking lots, the electrical infrastructure of the car park must first be suitable for this. The electrical capacity of the car park must match the capacity of the charging stations. In addition, appropriate parking spaces must be allocated in the areas where charging stations will be installed.

Various types of charging stations can be used to install electric charging stations in parking lots . AC charging stations provide slower charging but have lower installation and operating costs. DC charging stations provide faster charging, but installation and operating costs will be higher.

Electric charging station charges in parking lots may vary depending on the type, capacity and charging time of the charging station. In general, lower charges apply for AC charging stations and higher charges apply for DC charging stations.

Electric Charging Stations in Parking Lots in Turkey

The number of electric charging stations in car parks in Turkey is increasing day by day. According to the regulation published by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, it is mandatory to have at least 20 percent electric vehicle charging stations in all newly built car parks by the end of 2023.

Electric charging station service in parking lots will play an important role in expanding the use of electric vehicles. Offering a more comfortable and easy charging experience for electric vehicle drivers, car parks contribute to the environment by encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

As the use of electric vehicles becomes more widespread, electric charging station services in parking lots have become more common. By offering electric vehicle charging services, parking lot operators can both gain a competitive advantage and attract electric vehicle drivers. At this point, it will be possible to benefit from these services by contacting Ecobox .

In the future, electric charging stations in parking lots will become smarter and more efficient. Charging stations will serve the charging needs of electric vehicle drivers. Ecobox guarantees you a quality service at this point.

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