Housing Site & Residence

Housing Site & Residence

Housing Site & Residence

Residential Complex and Residence are structures built for mass housing and have common areas. A residential complex generally consists of lower-rise buildings with fewer common areas, while residences are higher-rise buildings with more common areas.

Residential complexes typically consist of 3-5 storey buildings with 20-30 apartments. In contrast, residences are usually 10-20 storeys with 100-200 apartments. These areas include common use areas like open gardens, parking lots, children's parks, pools, fitness centers, saunas, cinemas, restaurants, and cafes.

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Advantages of Residential Complex & Residence

Residential complexes and residences have many advantages, with security being foremost. They are safer in terms of security. Security officers serve within the complex, and entries are controlled.

There are common areas open to use in residential complexes and residences. These areas offer residents the opportunity to socialize, making them frequently preferred living spaces. They generally offer a more comfortable life. The common areas and services within the site facilitate the lives of the residents.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Residential Complex & Residence

There are some points to consider before buying a residential complex or residence. The first points to consider should be location, amenities offered, and maintenance fees.

Location is a significant factor in choosing a residential complex or residence. The site should be in a suitable location in terms of transportation, shopping, and social facilities. The quality of the common areas and services within the site is essential. There should be a sufficient number of parking spaces, pools, gyms, etc., within the site.

Maintenance fees are used for the maintenance of the common areas and services of the site. The amount of maintenance fee should be determined considering the location, features, and services of the site.

Residential complexes and residences are structures built for mass housing and have common areas. However, one of the points to be considered before buying is whether there is an electric vehicle charging station, with the recent proliferation of electric vehicles. In this article, we have given you information about what these points are. You can get information about the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in these areas by contacting Ecobox.

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