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Electric vehicles are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation alternative than fossil fuel vehicles. As electric vehicle sales have increased worldwide in recent years, the need for electric vehicle charging stations is also increasing. Shopping malls are ideally located for electric vehicle charging stations due to their heavy vehicle traffic.

There are many advantages of providing electric vehicle charging station services in shopping malls . These advantages include:

  • It increases customer satisfaction. 

  • Increases sales. 

  • Provides competitive advantage. 

  • Increases sustainability awareness. 

Electric vehicle charging stations used in shopping malls are of two main types: AC and DC. AC charging stations are the more commonly used and lower cost type. DC charging stations offer faster charging. It is possible to benefit from all these advantages by contacting Ecobox .

Electric Charging Station Installation in Shopping Malls

To install electric vehicle charging stations in shopping malls, the necessary permits must first be obtained. Then, the areas where charging stations will be installed should be determined. These areas may be in parking lots or at the entrances and exits of shopping malls. The electrical infrastructure required for the installation of charging stations must also be provided.

There are some factors to consider when choosing an electric charging station for shopping malls . These factors are:

  • The number of charging stations should be determined according to the size of the shopping centers and vehicle traffic.

  • Which of the AC or DC charging stations to choose should be determined according to the target audience of the shopping malls.

  • The location of charging stations should be determined taking into account the vehicle traffic of shopping malls.

By contacting the Ecobox company , it will be possible to install an electric charging station in areas such as shopping malls . Companies that want to benefit from these services can contact Ecobox .

Why Should There Be Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Shopping Malls?

There are many advantages of having electric vehicle charging stations in shopping malls . These advantages include increasing customer satisfaction, increasing sales, providing competitive advantage and increasing sustainability awareness.

Having electric vehicle charging stations in shopping malls is advantageous for shopping malls in many ways. This service helps shopping malls increase customer satisfaction, sales, competitive advantage and sustainability awareness.

At this point, Ecobox offers you the service of installing electric vehicle charging stations in areas such as shopping malls . In this way, your customers who visit the shopping center will prefer your shopping center because they can easily charge their vehicles. For this reason, you can benefit from these services by contacting Ecobox .